The Dywenydd Collection

The 9th Earl began to build a general collection of erotic accoutrements in 1796, but it is generally accepted today that by far the most important items are the remarkable collection of pudenda display trays spanning twenty centuries, some examples of which are shown below.

This unusual pudenda display tray made in brass is a very rare example of a type known as 'the naval tray'. Very plainly designed and made of cheap material it is thought this particular tray belonged to Captain Cook and accompanied him on all his voyages. It is believed to have played an unfortunate part in his demise in 1779 when the natives of Hawaii were grossly offended by the display he offered and promptly killed him.

detail of the glass pudenda display tray thought to belong to catherine the great

ornate pudenda display tray thought to date back to the reign of the emperor fu chu, late 17th century. note the unusual handle believed to be designed this way to accommodate the emperor's extremely long fingernails.

Detail from a tray thought to belong to a high member of the clergy, a custom banned during the sixteenth century.
Other Erotic Accountrements in the Dywenydd Collection
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