The Mummy of Senapod IV

Housed beneath the Egyptian Folly

the fascinating Hipkiss Files now contain the complete history of the Senapod Dynasty thanks to the writer DJ English


The main item on display in the Egyptian Folly is a mummy claimed by Barnie Bomford to be that of Senapod IV.

In the autumn of 1923, the first mummy brought back to Sild Hall was unwrapped (see below) in the Saloon after dinner for the amusement of a number of guests. Unfortunately several artifacts went missing.

When Bonford returned a few months later with the mummy of Senapod IV, it was decided to leave him unwrapped (top right). This practice has subsequently been adopted by the British Museum.

Senapod IV, out of his box, but still in his wrappings






Detail of another canopic jar

The first mummy ferociously unwrapped
after a somewhat drunken dinner party
at sild hall

A canopic jar
Claimed by Bomford to contain the remains of the internal organs of Senapod IV. Analysis has been pending for the last eighty-three years

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