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We hope that this new-look home page makes it even easier to look around the site as the haunting 'Hip Hop Hall' theme, created by our minstrel-in-residence, dj frenic, plays in the background.

Sild Hall, close to the village of Sildchester, is virtually the best stately home in Britain. Even though the chilly north-east winds may be back this week, the glorious estate of Sild Hall is still worth a visit with its fine show of brilliant yellow taraxacums which this year have covered every slope and sweep of gravel. Or you could escape into the fascinating interior of this beautiful house steeped in history.



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at Sild Hall

Join Mr Gayne, our Head Gardener and Curator of the National Taraxacum collection, to see the collection this month at its very best..

SCROLl through nearly five centuries of history to find out how this spotty youth ended up fighting next to the Duke of Marlborough.

EROTIC COLLECTION - new acquisition

We are delighted to announce a new acquisition to the Erotic Collection. Read more ...

out now

Sild Hall has risen like the phoenix at a new stately home, Duntisbourne Hall. You can now read about the Erotic Collection in the novel 'The Archivist' available through Amazon.

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MySpace worked for music - and it's working for Sild Hall too. Over half the staff have profiles out there and despite their age, they've met a load of fun people.
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