Max Black
A new, and youngish member of the team at Sild Hall, it is no surprise that Max was the first guide to get a profile up on MySpace last Christmas and encourage others to follow suit. Max has 51 MySpace friends.

Flora Sabbatini
Flora swiftly followed despite Max's protestations that she would attract the very worst kind of attention. Although a few unsavoury MySpacer's have tried to make contact, Flora is happy to say the majority of contacts are genuine and interesting, particularly among other writers out there. Flora has 196 MySpace friends.

Major Frodsham
The Major has been a tremendous hit on MySpace although he did become the target of a number of begging letters early on which, in his innocence, he believed and became very worried about. Luckily his fellow guides (and several others on MySpace) were able to dissuade him from sending money to various young women trapped in hotel rooms unable to afford the flight home. The Major has 88 MySpace friends, one of his most important being grandson dj frenic who wrote all the music for the Sild Hall site.

Claude Hipkiss
Despite his ancient years, Claude has also enjoyed MySpace with a modest 35 friends to his name. He is eternally grateful to D for supplying the fascinating new material about the Senapod dynasty, which you can find in the Egypt section of the website here.




Edwina ‘Weenie’ Lemon
Weenie has been the most tremendous hit on MySpace with a dizzying 145 MySpace friends, the majority of them men. We think it may have something to do with her motto 'I Like My Gin Cold and My Piano Hot' and the mention of a pair of leather trousers, but she maintains it's her charming picture that brings them flocking in.

Lawrence Cooke
Lawrence was a late-comer to MySpace, which probably explains his 13 friends, one of which is Tom. But Lawrence is quite content to use MySpace to stay in touch with fellow guides on the site, particuarly at this time of year when he has had to drop a couple of days work due to earlier closing times.

Noel Canterbury
Noel joined with the Christmas rush, and despite being quite open about his curatorship of the Erotic Accountrament Collection, he has had far fewer strange contacts than would be expected. He has a jolly collection of 93 friends, but admits he hasn't been visiting the site with a great deal of consistency lately. When the Hall closes for the season, he is sure all this will change.

Roger Hogg-Smythe
Poor old Roger! He has struggled away on MySpace, but just couldn't get the hits he needed. Was it the pompous tone of his Evangilising profile? However, he has persevered and the number of friends has crawled up to a dizzying 18 - but he will say yes to anything.





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