Sild Hall Gift Shop
Opening soon! Below you will find a selection of some of the product lines currently under development. We hope to have these up and running shortly.

On sale now!
Quality postcards of that priceless treasure from the Erotic Collection,
the famous Brass-Bound Buggery Box.
152 x 98 mm
£5.00 for a pack of six cards
FREE delivery


Max Black Poker Playing Products

The Earl of Sild has recognised the current rise in popularity of the game of poker and has approached Sild Hall's leading poker player, Max Black who is in the process of developing a range of personalised poker playing products.

This fabulous double-pack set of playing cards are printed on the best diamond playing card board, plastic coated, cellowrapped and packed in individual tuckboxes. They will retail for £14.99 a pair. Watch this space for future developments!

Lawrence Cooke Skin Care Range for Men

Recognising Lawrence Cooke's undoubtedly sophisticated style, the Earl has asked him to develop a new range of skin care products specifically for men. Lawrence has already decided on the livery of the packaging as you can see here, but as yet is struggling a little to perfect the actual products.

A beautiful limited edition gift-boxed set of six place mats are in the process of being developed from a series of fruit and vegetable paintings by L Thomas. We hope to retail these both on-line and at the gift shop very soon at an introductory price of £39.99 a box.
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