The Watercolour Collection
Below are a few examples of the unique paintings and sketches by L. Thomas that are in the collection.

Detail from Sketchbook
Whenever the artist travelled she worked in her sketchbook. This energetic watercolour sketch was done in the lobby of the Hotel Concorde in Paris at the beginning of the 1990s.

Detail from Sketchbook
A fishing boat moored on the banks of the River Shannon. This sketch was later used for a full-sized painting which is now in a private collection in Berkshire which unfortunately the earl has been unable to obtain.

Bantry Bay

The Italian garden designer Peto is much admired by the artist who has spent a great deal of time painting in the gardens of Iford Manor in Wiltshire. The painting above is of Peto's other famous garden in Southern Ireland on Garnish (Ilnacullin) Island.

The artist has spent a great deal of time in Venice and her paintings of the beautiful Palaces in the city form the backbone to the collection.


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